Our Boat Transporters

Larry & Christie: A Legacy

Involved with moving boats since 1968, Larry was the primary tactician and master boat transporter for SDBM for over 30 years. He has passed the reigns to Leland, but remained a consultant and advisor through 2014, and will always be an important part of the SDBM family. More About Larry >>

Leland & Cecily

It was Leland’s first sighting of Irving Johnson’s brigantine Yankee that gave birth to his dream of building and sailing his own boat.  Growing up on the shores of Gloucester Massachusetts, Leland eventually found his way to California, where he met his wife Cecily; they began construction on a wooden 66-foot gaff-rigged schooner, which they launched in 2005.

Leland’s working background is as interesting as it is varied.  He brings to San Diego Boat Movers a lifetime of experience as a builder, shipwright, and rigger. His talent for “thinking outside the box” has helped develop his skills as leader and innovator. As the new owner, Leland Parsons feels honored to have been chosen by Larry Wood to carry on the outstanding reputation of San Diego Boat Movers.


Vic started young in the transport business, working at his father’s permit service, providing routing and permits for oversize loads. With that training, and a knack for properly loading boats, and a mind-set for safety, Vic quickly became one of our best long haul boat transporters. From a 181′ boat mast to a 20′ high boat, he’s done it all. As the designated jokester, he’s turned our hair white a few times. He left for Texas with a boat, then called in later to advise that he was in Seattle, and “where should he deliver it?” After we recovered, we were pleased to find out that he was really somewhere in Arizona, and well on his way to Texas. He’s very serious about what he does, but be prepared to have your leg pulled if he moves your boat!


Ruben is our experienced long haul driver. He brings over 15 years of trucking knowledge and experience to the team. He has an extensive understanding encompassing the technical aspects of transporting a variety of challenging loads. He is progressive in his work ethic. Always ready for action and constantly educating himself to ensure his knowledge is in flux with compliance qualifications and regulations. His ability to plan, organize and coordinate trips according to delivery destinations, in all types of weather day or night, surpasses the industry standard!


Chris is an experienced truck driver and we are thrilled to have him as part of our growing team. He has endless experience with transporting, operating complex rigs and equipment and can do his own repairs and preventative maintenance. To outline a few of his skills, he was a construction mechanic in the Navy for 5 years, can execute crane work on elevated causeways and continues to rig and tie down oversized loads with confidence and ease. He is reliable, willing to take on new tasks, a team player and always very safety conscious!


Danica provides sales support, outstanding customer service, and knows how to wrangle all personalities and juggle whatever comes her way efficiently! She is familiar with boats, is a San Diego native and world traveler. She can route a driver, take care of your logistical questions and concerns, administer administrative complexities with rapid response time all with a smile on her face! We are proud to have Danica serve as our Executive Business Administrator.


Sarah is our ‘Jaclyn’-of-all-Trades (AKA Yard Manager and Service Director). She came to us with a military background in helicopters, experience in construction, and customer service; she fills many positions for us. You may speak with her on the phone or see her smiling face in the office. There is also a very good chance of finding her around our yard, running the forklift, or hiding under the biggest sun hat you have ever seen. She is happy to help, inquisitive, and her bubbly personality and adventurous spirit are infectious.


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